DIY Ideas to Become Creative With Your Old T-shirt

If you have a ton of old t-shirts laying around that are too ripped or ill-fitting to wear, but you can’t bear to part with them, these ideas will help you. You can repurpose old t-shirts into other t-shirts, or even better…turn them into other fabulous and fashionable items! Here are 10 amazing DIY ideas for turning your old t-shirt into something unique and adorable!

  1. Make a quilt

If you have about 30 or more extra t-shirts taking up space (here’s looking at you, moms!), you can turn them into a memorable quilt. You might even be able to make it themed – think school shirts, band shirts, and movie themed shirts. Here’s a tutorial showing you how to do it.


  1. Make a handbag

This is such a great way to go boho and make your friends jealous of your new fashionista accessory! Use these handbags for concerts, the beach, or any other event where you want to look casual-chic, but getting a little messy won’t be a huge deal. Learn how it works here.


  1. Make a dog toy

If your dog completely destroys his or her toys within minutes, you could just make toys out of old shirts and not have to worry about wasting all that money. Even if your dog doesn’t destroy toys, it would be nice to make a toy that is completely personal and made with love.


  1. Make an infinity scarf

Bring the fall in with a fashion statement nobody else can mimic. Use your old shirts to create an infinity scarf using these directions.


  1. Make a halter top

Who said t-shirts have to be lounging? Turn casual into killer with this innovative creation. Wear with your favorite skirt or shorts. Think you can’t pull off wearing jewelry with a T? Think again! Try this look out now.


  1. Make a Headband

If you have t-shirts hanging around that are kind of beyond hope, but you still can’t bear to throw away, shred them and make functional and fashionable headbands out of them! Whether you plan on sweating in them at the gym or wearing them with your favorite sundress, the possibilities are pretty much endless with this easy DIY headband.


  1. Make an Apron

Do a retro throwback project by making an awesome apron for yourself out of old shirts. These would also make fantastic holiday gifts for your mom, sister, or BFF. Learn how to make t-shirt aprons here.


  1. Make a Rug

If you really want a cool project to keep you busy and test your crafting skills, try creating one of these braided t-shirt rugs. You will need about 10-15 shirts for this project. The cool part is, you don’t really need to worry about them matching. In fact, the more color, the better! Here’s a really good tutorial.


  1. Make Pajama Pants

What better way to lounge around than to lounge in the pajama pants you crafted out of t-shirts? Could these be the world’s comfiest PJs? Probably! Check out how it’s done.


  1. Make a Dress

This might work better with your boyfriend’s old shirt than one of yours, as it’s going to need to go to about your thighs. But if you’re not half bad with a sewing machine, you can create an amazing tunic-style dress out of a big t-shirt. Find out how.